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An ROI Focused
Pay-Per-Click Agency.

Experts in Digital Advertising

Vendilli Digital Group can assist your company in taking full advantage of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to grow in this digital era and drive growth with our expert pay-per-click advertising services. We understand how difficult marketing your company’s goods and services in today’s environment can be; that is why Vendilli Digital Group provides expert PPC ads management as part of their overall digital marketing services.

As part of our comprehensive digital marketing services, our team of marketing specialists provides end-to-end digital solutions like pay per click ads (PPC ads), web design, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). They cover everything you need for effective digital marketing in Pittsburgh or globally to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, generate new leads, and grow your business.

At Vendilli Digital Group, our tailored digital marketing services can meet the individual needs and goals of your business.


Pittsburgh PPC 
Advertising Services

We understand the value and significance of driving results for your business, which is why our specialists focus on optimizing ads to drive conversions, increase traffic and leads, and maximize returns on investment. From keyword research and ad copywriting to bid management and performance evaluation, our team works closely with each business to understand key objectives and requirements.

Vendilli Digital Group partners with its clients to provide them with invaluable solutions - offering clear reporting, ongoing optimization, and tangible results. As industry best practices change, we ensure your PPC campaigns always outperform benchmarks and standards.


Strategy And Consulting

Successful PPC campaigns require strategic planning and ongoing consulting services for optimal success. Our strategic consulting and planning services allow businesses to create an effective pay-per-click (PPC) strategy aligned with business goals. Our PPC experts collaborate closely with you in understanding your target market, competition, and unique requirements to develop targeted PPC campaigns that best suit you.


Keyword Research

Our PPC specialists conduct in-depth keyword research for campaigns targeting your ideal customer/client, using advanced tools and techniques that evaluate search volume, competition, and user intent to create effective and efficiently targeted campaigns. Successful campaigns begin in this phase.


Landing Page Development

At VDG, we recognize the essential role landing pages play in driving conversions and and we focus on designing highly converting landing pages to complement PPC ad campaigns. Our team works closely with you to develop pages designed with user experience in mind that can produce results for your business.


Performance Optimization

Our PPC experts continually optimize your campaign to ensure maximum performance. We analyze user behavior, employ proven strategies, and make adjustments based on performance metrics. Metrics like click-through rates, cost-per-conversion, and conversion rates, are adjusted and optimized based on current campaign performance.

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Why Vendilli 
Digital Group?

Vendilli Digital Group in Pittsburgh specializes in helping businesses thrive online with advanced digital marketing and paid advertising.

Vendilli Digital Group can help your company maximize its digital marketing results with our extensive range of digital marketing and advertising services. Contact us now to discover more of what Vendilli can provide and how we can tailor a specific strategy for your company!
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Digital Marketing

Our team consists of experts in digital marketing focused on PPC, SEO, web design, and email marketing.



The individual needs, goals, and characteristics of every business are unique. We develop tailored marketing plans and solutions with sound strategies specific to you and your organization.

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Results-Driven Approach

Driven by results and measurement of success against performance, our goal is to increase website visitors, search engine rankings, and leads generated.

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Client-Centric Approach

Your success is our success - we work closely with you to fully comprehend your business, target audience, and goals to align our marketing strategies and tactics to them.


Group 649 What the Client Thinks

Web traffic is up, lead flow is up, and business is up.

Our website launched in August of 2021 I believe.  There is a very clear jump in lead flow from lead sources that I consider directly influenced by you.  Since then we have not had a down month in terms of lead flow from these sources as compared to years prior. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied.

Brian Kleijnjans


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Group 649 What the Client Thinks

These folks are truly world class.

I happened upon them when my law firm's website was hijacked for ransom sending our company into turmoil. The Vendilli folks were so sympathetic they dropped everything and built me a website immediately to get my business functional again, and walked me through how to negotiate with the hijackers. …More

Not only did I get an amazing new website and help with wrestling my old site away from the crooks; they started helping me with Google Pay Per Click advertising and other digital media services and the results have been OUTSTANDING. They delivered new clients at a cost that was literally half what I had seen with other marketing agencies. All while being incredibly responsive, professional, and always with great service. Cannot recommend this team highly enough, and will be a client of theirs for years to come!!!!”

Robert Jeffries




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