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Ad Hoc Support

Did You Break the Internet?

We know not everyone speaks the language of the internet. Hey, that’s what you hired us for, right? Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re more than happy to recommend the best course of action, make improvements, or iron out any wrinkles.

To better assist you, please refer to one of the service tiers below.



I have an urgent problem that needs professional attention ASAP.




My website is misbehaving and I don’t know why.




I’ve broken something and need help fixing it.



I need help/advice on design, content or code.


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The entire Vendilli team cares deeply about the relationship we have with every one of our clients and your organization’s success. We ask for your understanding and patience as we determine the best way to support your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Vendilli cover any website issues inclusive with a basic monthly hosting & maintenance plan?
We do not invoice for the following issues:
  • Website/server downtime through no fault of client's
  • Critical website transactions not functioning properly through no fault of the client’s
  • Please note if something changed on client-side beyond our control, these types of issues may sometimes be billed as "break-fix" if applicable.
  • Additionally, if your website is experiencing ongoing issues due to age we will advise you of a plan to modernize the items in your tech stack, which might require billable time and support.

If your site is experiencing these issues, please fill out a support ticket right away.

Q: What is your average response time?

We strive to acknowledge every request the same business day it is received. Requests that arrive during nights or weekends are typically addressed the next business morning. When we respond to acknowledge that your request is in our hands, we’ll typically inform you of the next steps and any anticipated timelines or costs.

Q: What is your average turn around time?

Our turn around times vary based on the nature of the related request. For requests that are simple in nature, we rarely take more than 3 business days to deliver the full solution. Quick fixes are typically performed by the end of the next business day. For more complex challenges or requests, we’ll get in touch to make a plan and manage expectations with you. Our average turnaround time for support desk requests is under 24 hours.

Q: What kinds of requests won’t Vendilli assist with?

We strive to keep your site healthy, but there are certain issues we cannot fix for you "on the house" because otherwise billable time and expertise from our team is necessary. These include:

  • Work done to the site post-launch by client, third party or amateur developers (these are typically billed as break-fix).
  • Timely content management or edits non-retainer or non-GDD clients (these are quoted and billed as enhancements).
  • For relatively minor requests, it is always best to email our help desk email address or utilize our support form. We strive to provide telephone support even during extended hours but the core team is frequently on calls, in Zoom meetings, or working under tight deadlines. So, if we miss a call our call non-technical call takers will take a message and we will correspond in a timely fashion.
Q: What does my monthly hosting and maintenance plan include?

Our basic hosting and maintenance plan includes:

  • Website hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • System-level maintenance and improvements
  • Access to our Support Desk
  • Website backup policy and infrastructure.

Website hosting and maintenance does not include:

  • Content management or edits
  • Supplemental design or development work
  • Instant accessibility for non-emergencies
Q: How much does support typically cost?

When you request hands-on support the first thing we do is triage it into one of the four areas in our chart above (urgent, bug, break-fix, or enhancement). Then, our support team will review the request and provide a quick estimate usually just via email, based on our judgment.

The vast majority of our support requests take 1 hour or less. If our estimate requires any more than an hour or two we will typically take the time to explain further via email or a conversation.

Please note we do have a $50 per request MINIMUM that will always apply for break-fix or enhancements when staff members must go hands-on to address concerns. For this reason, we recommend batching smaller requests into a single ticket whenever possible.

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Does your Studio V website need support?

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Training / Strategy

Need a refresher on how to update your website? Want to learn a cool new feature you may not have done before? Talk about new ideas or goals? Book a training or strategy session with us to discuss new ideas or refresh your skill set.