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Grow Your Career.

Vendilli Digital Group is a Pittsburgh-based Platinum-Tiered Hubspot Solutions Partner. We take pride in providing our clients with not only the best digital marketing solutions possible but incredible customer service. Our team believes that marketing is a passion, relationships are important, and having fun is required.

If you're a curious marketer and love to get things done, we want to talk. 


We Care, and we mean it.

Have you ever met someone and everything just clicks? We have. That’s why we developed core values for our agency as a guide to finding like-minded  co-workers, and clients alike. “WE C.A.R.E.” represents the core values that we share and live by.  it.


“We” means TEAMWORK. It’s no coincidence that the “We Care” emblem resembles a team logo. We’re on a team with each of our clients, and we’re on a team with each other. Teammates always take care of each other. None of us is as smart as all of us.


The environment we work in should always be creative, productive, and fun. A mindset of abundance is a must to remain at our full creative potential. Our clients’ needs and goals must be understood empathetically on a deep and interactive level in order for us to innovate the creative solutions they deserve.


If you aren’t measuring and goal setting, you’ll never know what success feels like. Our work can help our clients accomplish their business goals and objectives and we’re not successful unless our clients are successful. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. We’ll keep the important metrics out in the sunshine where everyone can see them.


Towards each other: We’re all just big kids at heart and must always play nice together. Towards our clients: Entrepreneurs and small business owners are tightly woven into the fabric of our communities. They are the lifeblood of our business. They deserve the utmost respect and we’ll strive to earn their respect in return. Towards the process: We’ll work diligently to understand, accommodate and when appropriate, improve our customers’ processes. We request our customers return the favor.


Excellence and professionalism are required in all we do. Every task or objective we set out to complete should be approached not with a “how do I get this done?” mindset, but one of “if there were an award for doing this better than it’s ever been done before, how do I win it?” With every task, campaign, or project we either win… or we learn.

Current Openings

Digital Strategist

Our agency is looking for a Digital Strategist/SEO Manager who gets it, wants it, and has the capacity to do the job. Vendilli Digital Group has built a group of individuals that believe strongly in working together as a team to accomplish tasks and objectives on behalf of our clients while having fun doing it.

The responsibilities of the position include the development and implementation of an overall SEO strategy for multiple clients over a wide range of industries; improving the volume and quality of traffic across all devices in order to maximize website performance, improve rankings, and drive conversions for our clients. This role requires both technical and content SEO expertise to continuously improve the experience of the user. We are especially looking for someone with a proven track record of SEO and inbound marketing success at B2B and B2C companies


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