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The Problem:

Deep Well Services initially included Vendili in its search for a partner to implement a redesign for its aging website presence. After deliberation, Deep Well decided to move forward with another agency. Flash forward several months later, after missed deadlines, frustration with design, and overall dissatisfaction with a website they were forced to launch prematurely, Deep Well determined that it was time to revisit their selection process to see if another agency could rescue their failed website project.  Having already made an investment in their website, Deep Well needed an agency that could get the project done right and quickly. That’s when Vendilli Digital reentered the conversation. 

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Underwhelming Design
Poor Communication
Ineffective Website 

Being part of the initial website discussion, our team had a foundational understanding of what Deep Well was interested in achieving. At the same time, the client provided the incumbent agency’s website as a starting point for our conversation. Our initial conversation centered on whether our team could make edits and improve the existing website. After inspection, we realized quickly that the new website had technical issues arising from a front-end editor installed that was contributing to slow site speed performance. After this determination, our team knew that it would be the best recommendation to rebuild the website as a Custom WordPress Theme. Once we provided this feedback to Deep Well and aligned on our suggested approach, our team took the time to understand the overall goals and intentions of the website and began to bridge the gap from what was missing, to what was initially desired. 

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A Professional Look and Feel


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Website Design

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Website Development


Website Design


Based on our review, our team was able to make a page-by-page plan with Deep Well to determine mandatories for each page, and what design elements should be included based on what was provided. Within a few weeks, our team presented an updated design based on these conversations. At this time, Deep Well quickly saw that our creative team had clearly listened to their direction and was able to provide designs that exceeded their expectations throughout the entire website. 

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Website Development

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At this point, our development team took over and built the website according to those designs, and planned to launch the website.
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An Accurate Brand Reflection on an Expedited Timeline


Deep Well embarked on its website redesign process almost a year earlier and the preexisting websites had potentially negative branding implications. It was evident to our team, that Deep Well needed to expedite the completion of the new website for that purpose as well as an update to a new service launch.  With that said, our team was able to complete the entire updated design and development process within a 5-month period, with participation from the Deep Well Marketing Team. The end result is a website design that reflects Deep Well as an organization and communicates its brand visually and verbally in a positive manner. The new Deep Well website hosts a professional aesthetic in a technically proficient website platform. 


Group 649 What the Client Thinks

We are looking forward to our next project!

Janelle, Danielle, and the entire team at Vendilli were great to work with! The thought of basically starting over on a project was daunting, but the team at Vendilli made it easy, and the transition was seamless. They were able to bring our vision to reality, and we couldn’t be happier with the end results. Thank you for all your hard work – we are looking forward to our next project!

Kelsey McGonigle


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