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The Problem:

Former MLB Catcher Michael McKenry approached us with the goal of expanding his personal brand. As a motivational speaker, camp host, podcast host, analyst, and more, he has a busy life that needed some extra help to organize his online presence.

Micheal needed a single source of truth. One place to collect, showcase, and store all of the work he does, while offering a better way for people to get in touch with him.

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Needed a website for single 
   source of truth

Transcribing his story & 

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A Budget-Friendly, Professional Website Solution


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Website Design


Webpage Content


We held a series of interviews with Michael and his wife, Jacqueline, over the span of a few weeks to get to know Michael’s story and unique message.  We took the interview content and worked to create a story and overall brand messaging that communicated Michael’s unique positioning in a manner that was authentic and his own.



Website Development

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Our solution was a budget-friendly, professionally designed website where Micheal can showcase his work and stay in touch with his fans and professional partners. The new website was built within our small-business web-design platform, Studio V. The new site came together with a great style, several pieces of Micheal’s professional offerings, and a way to get in touch with Michael himself, all in one place. Studio V also offers him an easy way to maintain and edit the website himself. This empowers him to have control and not rely on our agency to make the consistent changes that his website needs.

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An Easy to Update, Branded Website for Centralized Communications


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Thank you for the great work.

Having been a part of multiple start-ups and met and or worked with dozens of developers, coders, graphic designs, and marketing agencies. Without question the Vendilli Digital Group from top to bottom will go above and beyond to help you bring your vision to life. They did an incredible job on my website, and any other thing that I have ever asked for help on.  …More

If you want a great group of people that will shoot you straight and crush your expectations then look no further. Thank you for the great work.

Michael McKenry


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